Unlitigated Divorce

Unlitigated Divorce


Estolano Law offers a package for a divorce where both sides are in agreement as to the terms of the divorce.



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Some questions that I commonly get as an immigration attorney.

1) I was convicted of a crime. How does this affect my immigration status?

It’s a complicated question. Depending on the crime, you may be subject to removal from the United States.  Some crimes are labeled crimes of moral turpitude, others as aggravated felonies and other crimes have little to no immigration impact.  You need to discuss your case with an attorney that is experienced in immigration law.

2) How long will my application take?

The National Visa Center maintains a Visa Bulletin, which shows which cases they are processing at the moment.  Using this we can sometimes estimate how long a family consular immigration petition will take.

3) Will there be a new amnesty?

Your guess is as good as mine.  There are rumors that Obama will order a new immigration policy following the election, but whatever this policy is, it won’t amount to a full blown amnesty for the undocumented.  Given that Congress will likely be in Republican control after the election, most experts predict that we won’t have new immigration legislation for at least the next two years.

4) What are the advantages to becoming a United States Citizen?

They are numerous.  First, as a citizen you are given a first priority in immigrating qualified family members.

5) Can I immigrate my stepson?

These answers are for informational purposes only and shouldn’t be taken as legal advice. For advice on your specific situation, please call 619-476-1291 for an appointment.

A Community Law Firm

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Estolano Law was built on the idea of fighting for your rights as if they were our own.   We have some of the most talented staff in San Diego County.  We are proud to be a firm located in Chula Vista, blocks away from where Ray Estolano used to walk home from Chula Vista High School.

Our talented staff includes:

Juan Andreu- An attorney licensed in Spain, Mr. Andreu is primarily responsible for working on the firm’s immigration caseload.  He is also the firm’s technological wizard, perhaps the only staff member who does not resort to the “restart button” approach to our network system.

Jose Rodriguez- A paralegal whose first introduction to the legal system over a decade and a half ago was in fighting and winning his own custody case.  Jose, or Joe, Rodriguez is one of the premier family law paralegals in San Diego, County.  He is often called for technical advice on the filing of forms by other family law attorneys. He supervises the family law caseload

Maria Valdez- As office manager, Maria is responsible for looking over all aspects of the office’s operations.

Interns-  Estolano Law believes in giving back to the community by often training interns from the local high schools and community colleges.  There are many clerks around San Diego County that started as volunteers at Estolano Law.

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What To Do If Arrested

handcuffsSteps to Take if Arrested:

It’s a situation you never thought you would find yourself in…the police officer approaches, cuffs in hand, and you know your life is about to change. What do you do?

Step One

Stay calm, if possible.  Keep in mind that whatever is coming is not the end of the world.  You can handle this.  Many people panic and make the situation worse.  Take a quick breath, then..

Step Two

Don’t say anything beyond your personal identifying information without the presence of an attorney . As a criminal defense attorney, I’ve spoken with hundreds of clients. Their recollection of what they have told the police is rarely what the police write in their report. And these words are often used against them. So, step two is to keep quiet. This may be difficult to do, but it’s critically important. Things that you can tell the officer- name, address and phone number. Also, the name of your attorney, if you have one.

Cooperate, to an extent.  If the arrest for driving under the influence in California, you have the right not to submit to field sobriety tests.  No officer can force you to walk an imaginary line on the side of the street while counting backwards.  However, there are legal consequences to not taking a breath test.  Also, never consent to having your vehicle searched, but don’t get physically in the way of the officer if he insists on conducting an illegal search.  Don’t resist arrest.  Wait for the moment to call counsel.  Let me or someone like me fight for your rights in court.

Step Three

Dial 619-CALL-RAY for an appointment.

Criminal Defense

As a former prosecutor, Ray Estolano gives his clients an edge in their criminal defense cases. He has a unique understanding of the criminal justice system from his years of working as a prosecutor. This gives him a good ability to often predict what a prosecutor will do in a certain case.   Ray also has years of successful experience as a criminal defense attorney with multiple wins at jury trial. He has successfully represented clients in cases ranging from driving under the influence of alcohol to serious felony assault charges to sex crime allegations.