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DUI Defense

A DUI or a violation of California Penal Code 23152 can seriously impact your life with increased insurance costs, license suspension and possible jail time.

It’s important to have a lawyer that is experienced in DUI Law and who can explain to you your options.  As a former prosecutor, Ray Estolano has the experience to represent you- both in criminal court and before the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Drug Cases

As a prosecutor, Ray Estolano litigated countless drug offenses ranging from possession to trafficking.  We take every case equally seriously be it a truck loaded with drugs (an acutal case that was dismissed by the government on the ever of trial) or simple person possesion case. As your defense attorney, Estolano Law will help you find your best solution to your drug charges.


Federal Defense

When a case is a federal offense, it is handled differently than your typical state court offense.  Ray Estolano can represent you in the intracies of the federal system.  Whether it is an alien smuggling case, an embezzlement case, a drug case or a different federal charge, you are in good hands with Estolano Law.



Never give up your right to remain silent. When an officer says that your words can and will be used against you, it’s the best advice that he’ll ever give you. Let Estolano Law do the talkign for you.


You would never perform surgery on yourself, right? The same concept applies to your criminal defense. Under the 6th Amendment to our constitution, you have the right to have an attorney represent your in Court. Make sure it’s an attorney that’s experienced in criminal defense.


Although the prosecution has the burden of proving that your are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, never forget that a good defense is also about building a case to defend you. Estolano Law can help you tell your side of the story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I better off using the public defender?
It is difficult to answer this question directly because every person’s situation is different. Depending on your finances and the specific public defender that you are assigned, it may be a good idea to have a public defender. The advantage in hiring Estolano Law is that you get an attorney with proven experience who is not handling a huge case load of defendants. We respect public defenders, but their huge caseload does make their job difficult.
How long will my family member be in jail for his arrest?
One of the first priorities when someone is in custody is to see how we can get them out of jail. At Estolano Law, we work with various bailbonds men (and women) to post bond. We have also been successful at lowering bond through court hearings.
How does bail work?

Bail works differently depending on whether the incarceration is federal or state. In State Court, a bail schedule is followed for all offenses. When someone is incarcerated, the Court at an initial hearing will determine whether to deviate from this bail schedule. Often, we are successful in lowering the amount of bail necessary.

A bail bondsman operates by posting the full amount of bail in exchange for charging a percentage of the full bail. For instance, on a 25,000 dollar bond, a bail bondsman may charge 2,500 dollars for his/her service

When is the best time to hire a private defense attorney?
It’s important to hire an attorney as early as possible in the criminal process. Often we can dissuade the DA’s office from filing charges by presenting exonerating evidence. If the person is already arrested, then it is important to start his/her defense as early as possible both to preserve evidence and to file necessary motions in court.
Your own question
The best way to answer your questions is, of course, during a consulation.