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Immigration Law

Immigration Rights

Immigration is a part of Ray Estolano’s heritage as his grandparents were each born in different countries.  As such, Ray is aware of how important each immigration case is to his clients.

He is a proud member of the American Immigration Lawyers of America (AILA), which advocates for immigration rights in Congress. Ray Estolano keeps up to date with the latest changes in Immigration law by attending seminars across the United States and reading the latest opinions by the Courts. Estolano Law is also responsible for helping expand immigrant rights through our successful advocacy. A recent Estolano Law appellate victory lead to new case law expanding a client’s rights when there is ineffective assistance of counsel.

Services offered include:

  • Family Immigration– At Estolano Law, we have helped unify many families across international lines.  We are experienced in family immigration both through the consulate process and through adjustment of status in the United States.  We are experienced in successfully applying for immigration waivers, when necessary. See our posts on immigration for more information or contact us for an appointment.
  • Removal/Deportation Defense- One of the most difficult things to face is the prospect of losing your ability to stay in the United States because ICE has come into your life. As an immigration defense firm, we will offer you a clear headed vision of your options. No case is guaranteed, but we have fought immigration and won in many cases. If you need aggressive representation, consider Estolano Law.
  • Naturalization– One of Ray Estolano’s proudest moments was being present for his father’s naturalization ceremony. If you are considering becoming a citizen, we are happy to do what we can to help you.  Applying to be a citizen is often much more than simply filling out a form.  At Estolano Law, we will do a complete evaluation of any bars that could possibly prevent you from being approved as a citizen.  As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Ray Estolano can evaluate any criminal convictions in your past and how they would impact your application.
  • Appellate Defense– Sometimes the last word doesn’t belong to the trial judge. Much immigration law is made by appellate judges that overturn the decisions of lower immigration judges. However, time is of the essence in appeals. You must seek an expert opinion immediately.  As mentioned above, we are responsible at Estolano Law for helping to create new rights for immigrants through our successful appellate work.

In summary, immigration law is an area that we take very personally here at Estolano Law.  The saying that “we are all immigrants” is very true.  We will handle your case with the effort and professionalism that it deserves.  Call us today for an appointment.