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Family Immigration

Nothing is more difficult than being separated from family by international borders.  At Estolano Law, we are experienced in processing family immigrations.

Immigration Waivers

Immigration waivers are often necessary to waive bars to inadmissibility.  For example, take the case of a spouse seeking to immigrate their spouse, who is here in the United States illegally.  It may be necessary to file a 601A waiver to cure the grounds of inadmissibility and allow the application to be approved.

Removal Defense

When your loved ones are in danger of being removed from this county, you need an attorney that will stand up for their rights. Estolano Law has experience in fighting USCIS in court to ensure that your loved one is defended.

Business Immigration

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Electronic Representation

At Estolano Law, we can represent you regardless of the city or country that you live in. Whether you live in Japan, Utah or here in San Diego, we can help with your family’s immigration.

Reasonable Rates

Estolano Law’s prices are designed to be affordable for the working family. We need to have a consultation before quoting a price, but you’ll find that our rates are very competitive

Fully Responsive

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Ray Estolano and his team are best immigration law firm in my opinion.  From the first conversation, he correctly predicted what to anticipate in my wife’s case. His expertise gave my wife and I confidence to continue with his service immediately after I talked with him.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I immigrate my family member?

The rules are generally as follows: A United States Citizen can file to immigrate his spouse, parent, child or sibling.  A permanent resident may file to immigrate his spouse, parent or child.

In order to immigrate your family member, the process starts by filing an application to immigrate them.  Usually the process concludes at the U.S. consulate in their country.  For Mexico, this would be Cuidad Juarez.

Do I need a waiver for my immigration process?

A waiver is required to immigrate family members under various situations.  Perhaps the most common waiver application is waive illegal presence in the country.  It is a complicated process to successfully seek a waiver, but Estolano Law can guide you through the process.

What do I need to apply for my citizenship?

A permanent resident who has resided in the United States as a permanent resident for the last five years (3 years if they became permanent residents through marriage and remain married.) is eligible to apply for citizenship.  It is important to review your criminal history and any possible immigration violations before applying for citizenship.

My parent/grandparent was a U.S. Citizen. Does this mean that I am a citizen also?

Maybe. The area of derivative citizenship is a complicated area of a law with different rules applying depending on the birth dates of the persons involved.  Call us for a consultation.  Estolano Law has been very successful in these types of cases.

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