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Estolano Law was built on the idea of fighting for your rights as if they were our own.   We have some of the most talented staff in San Diego County.  We are proud to be a firm located in Chula Vista, blocks away from where Ray Estolano used to walk home from Chula Vista High School.

Our talented staff includes:

Juan Andreu- An attorney licensed in Spain, Mr. Andreu is primarily responsible for working on the firm’s immigration caseload.  He is also the firm’s technological wizard, perhaps the only staff member who does not resort to the “restart button” approach to our network system.

Jose Rodriguez- A paralegal whose first introduction to the legal system over a decade and a half ago was in fighting and winning his own custody case.  Jose, or Joe, Rodriguez is one of the premier family law paralegals in San Diego, County.  He is often called for technical advice on the filing of forms by other family law attorneys. He supervises the family law caseload

Maria Valdez- As office manager, Maria is responsible for looking over all aspects of the office’s operations.

Interns-  Estolano Law believes in giving back to the community by often training interns from the local high schools and community colleges.  There are many clerks around San Diego County that started as volunteers at Estolano Law.

Ray Estolano