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An “unlitigated divorce” is good for the person who wants to avoid the court litigation.  If an agreement can be reached without fighting in court, then it can save a lot of money as well as stress.   The marriage is dissolving, but often it is best to find a simple compromise and carry on with your separate lives.

Estolano Law offers a package for a divorce where both sides are in agreement as to the terms of the divorce.  We represent one party and prepare all the necessary paperwork for a dissolution, including the marital settlement agreement.

This cuts down dramatically on both attorney’s fees and all of the drama that seems to go hand in hand with many divorces.

In the past several years, we’ve had many clients who have been happy with their unlitigated divorces.  It doesn’t apply to every situation, of course.  However, if you are interested in discussing an unlitigated divorce package, please call us for a consultation.