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What To Do If Arrested

Three Simple Steps

Step 1
“You have the right to remain silent.” This is first phrase from the famous Miranda warning and is definitely good advice. Don’t tell the officer arresting you anything but your personal biographical information- your name, address, phone number, etc. Tell the officer that you are respectfully using your right to remain silent.

Step 2
“I’m not answering any further questions without an attorney present.” Say this phrase and the police have to stop any custodial interrogation.

Step 3
Make your one phone call count. You have the right to call someone- make sure that it’s your most responsible friend or family member. Keep in mind that your call will possibly be recorded. Don’t give any details about what lead to your arrest. Instead, tell them where you are being held, what the charges are and ask them to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney and a bail bonds man.

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